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Travelling can be an expensive proposition. After budgeting for flights, hotels and money for shopping, purchasing a travel insurance can seem like the lowest priority.

After all, "it will never happen to me", right? It can be tempting to take the chance and hope to get away with it to try to save a few dollars. But if a problem does arise, the costs can be crippling.

Hospitalization costs at good hospitals can easily exceed US$800 per day & a lot more for medical evacuation.

Even if you're fit and healthy and unlikely to get sick, travel insurance covers more than just medical bills. Many things can go wrong on a trip: flights can be delayed, baggage lost, credit cards stolen, an emergency might mean you have to return early or even not travel at all. Most travel insurance policies protect you against these unforeseen circumstances.

When it comes to safety, FARHAN Travel deal with the best.

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